نحن نساعد الشركات على تطوير علاماتهم التجارية بشكل فعال والوصول إلى السوق المستهدف من خلال حلول فعالة يمكن التعرف عليها بشكل فريد وفعالة في توليد ضجة. من أجل جذب الاهتمام لجمهورك ، ستزيد التأثير الإيجابي الذي سيحدثه الترويج لنمو عملك.


تأتي سمعتنا بالحملات القوية من تصميمنا الملهم عالي الجودة الذي يركز على التصوير الاحترافي وتحرير مقاطع الفيديو التي تأسر المشاهدين ، تاركًا علامة لا تمحى لن ينسوها.

Creative Services

We offer superlative corporate identity and logo design services to help your company build a strong and recognizable brand:

Our creative design team conjures inspiration to design and develop imagery and artwork that best encapsulates your brand ethos.

Our copywriters are masters of conceptual and technical skills in both Arabic and English, ensuring that your copy is of the highest quality standards.

Our copywriters are masters of conceptual and technical skills in both Arabic and English, ensuring that your copy is of the highest quality standards.

Our team can handle a variety of video products, including:

  • Corporate video projects.

  • Branding and product launches.

  • Video interviews and documentaries.

  • Narrative presentation with professional English and Arabic voice-over specialists.

  • Motion graphics and animation videos.

Our Creativity Process

A great idea is all it takes to spark off the creative process that leads to great videos that people want to watch. We take that simple genesis and build the video through a series of well-documented steps to ensure a highly polished final product. 


We’ll play with the color board for the right mix, carefully choose the perfect fonts to get your message across, ensure that the lighting is fused and capture the moment as you imagine it. Once we have the raw footage in place, our post-production team gets to their workstations to put all the hard work together for a complete, high quality professional video. 


No matter what your video project is, SIMA Creative Studio’s expert team is a reliable choice. We can help you to launch your latest product, create a documentary covering your event, a film, or even redefine and refine your corporate identity


We are your reliable first choice when it comes to not just meeting, but also exceeding your expectations by going the extra mile.

Why SIMA Creative Studio?

The humble cup of coffee is more than the sum of its parts—and the same can be said of the video creation process. Everyone has different preferences when it comes to variations, combinations and even styles and flavors, and SIMA Creative can brew the perfect video (we’re also pretty good at coffee).


At SIMA Creative Studio, our ultimate goal is to make sure that just like your perfect cup of coffee, your campaign, design or strategy is aromatic, delicious and just right. 


Our enthusiastic attitude and passion for what we do make for powerful work that drives strong brands forward. We believe that no two brands are the same and that by bringing the uniqueness of a brand out through creative work, we can revitalize a brand and grow it into something bigger and better. 

Prince Faisal Bin Fahad Rd,

Ulaya, Khobar, Saudi Arabia

Tel: +966 (13) 887-5223

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